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New for 2020, Little Tikes Commercial has released a new line of Tot Builders outdoor playground equipment. Designed with 2-5 year old children in mind, these new playhouses provide imaginative and accessible fun while adding a whimsical look to your park. Our team met with child development and inclusive play experts to create an engaging play experience for children of all abilities. Best of all, these play structures feature an open line of sight for parents and guardians to observe and interact with their kids while playing. Adult interaction on the playground helps to promote safety as well as inclusive play opportunities. These play houses are large enough for multiple children to engage together in several imaginative scenarios. Whether children are playing house, store, school, or whatever else they come up with, they will have ample play value with various sensory events included on the inside and outside of the play houses.

We believe that every outdoor playground in Illinois and Indiana should provide play opportunity for young 2-5 year old children. Our Tot Builders playground equipment is an exciting and affordable way to include the youngsters in on the fun! Contact Parkreation for more information and pricing.

Community Helpers with Tunnel

First up is the Community Helpers with Tunnel. This playhouse acts as a community command center, featuring sensory elements such as a walkie talkie, a canine companion, a multi-colored skylight, and an escape slide for a fun getaway! There is also a crawl tunnel attached for another engaging way to enter the play house.


Up next is the Playhouse, which includes many of the features of your real home! Children will interact with the mail slot, doorbell, grill, clock, and other interactive decorations. The attention to detail in the playhouse allows children’s imaginations to run wild with play possibilities!

Silly Tree

Another Tot Builder is the Silly Tree, a cute and quirky play piece. This playhouse includes a hammock for children to lay on or walk across, along with other chimes and various creatures hidden on the panels. The Silly Tree pairs great with our other Nu-Edge natural play equipment!

Learn more about our entire Tot Builders line on the Little Tikes Commercial official website. For pricing information, please contact Parkreation!