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Fundraising is an opportunity to bring the community together and spark excitement about a new playground. Children and their families can look forward to a new place to play, develop and have fun. A fundraising event allows members of the community to support something they believe in, while interacting with and enjoying fundraising festivities. Most importantly, you can raise a substantial amount of funds to make your playground dream a reality, whether your commercial playground is to be built at a public park, school or business.

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Fundraising FAQs

What are some fundraising options for outdoor recreation projects?

There are a variety of fundraising options for outdoor recreation projects, including crowdfunding, sponsorships, and grant writing. Hosting events and auctions can also be effective fundraising methods.

How can I find grants for outdoor recreation projects?

There are a variety of resources available for finding grants for outdoor recreation projects, including grant databases, online search engines, and grant writing consultants. It’s important to research grant opportunities thoroughly to find those that align with the specific needs and goals of your project.

What types of outdoor recreation projects are eligible for grants?

A variety of outdoor recreation projects are eligible for grants, including park improvements, trail development, and community recreation facilities. Grant opportunities may vary depending on the location, size, and scope of the project.

How can I increase the chances of securing grants for outdoor recreation projects?

If a playground fails a safety inspection, it may need to be closed until the necessary repairs or modifications can be made to bring it up to code. In some cases, the playground may need to be replaced entirely to ensure the safety of the children who use it.

What role can partnerships and collaborations play in fundraising for outdoor recreation projects?

Partnerships and collaborations can play a key role in fundraising for outdoor recreation projects by providing access to additional resources, expertise, and funding opportunities. By collaborating with other organizations, businesses, and community members, project leaders can demonstrate broad community support for the project and leverage a range of resources to make the project a success.

Fundraising Ideas

Need some help brainstorming? Try these options!

Bake Sale

Everyone gets excited about a sweet treat, and that is why bake sales are a classic event. Bake sales not only appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, but they are also relatively easy to arrange. Usually, bake sales do not require a lot of money upfront, but they can make a decent amount of sales.

Silent Auction

A silent auction may be a profitable choice if you have a lot of smaller items to auction off or a few big-ticket items that will draw a lot of attention. A silent auction can be a lot of work to set up, so you first want to make sure it is the best way to raise funds for your playground.

5K Run

Organizing a 5K requires a lot of preparation and careful consideration. A race is a great opportunity to draw attention to your playground plans while getting the community involved in a challenging, healthy and inspiring way.

Talent Show

All kids love to put on a show, so a talent show is an excellent way to build hype and get the whole community involved. Parents will look forward to supporting their children, and you can raise funds in lots of different ways. For example, not only can you charge for admission, but you can also sell T-shirts, snacks, beverages and other fun items related to the show.

Advertising Space

Another way you can raise money for your playground is to contact local businesses and offer to advertise their business in your playground in exchange for a donation. Local businesses may be happy to donate to your cause, because not only will they get their name out there, but they will also be associated with a positive cause. Aim to contact businesses that are kid-friendly or offer child-related services such as daycares or sports equipment stores.

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