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Custom Design Projects

Bring Your Imagination to Life!

Our team can help create something truly unique.

It Starts With an Idea…

Custom projects are some of the most exciting and fulfilling endeavors that we take on. Through collaboration with your team and our vendors the sky is truly the limit. Custom design takes inspiration from your community, the environment, and the imagination of dreamers young and old to create a unique outdoor recreation area.

Parkreation has decades of experience in custom playground, shelter, shade, and surfacing design. We are ready to put our thinking caps on and help create a truly memorable place for families to enjoy.

How will your idea come to life…?

Create Custom Shelters that Accent Your Landscape

Create a Tropical Jungle Spaceship Baseball Pirate Ship Superhero Farmstead  Playground

Custom Design Studio

Want to design a custom playground that genuinely reflects the values of your space? When you work with Little Tikes Commercial, you’ll receive help and guidance from our in-house Custom Design Studio team. You have the option to start from scratch or customize a playground set or equipment piece already featured on our website.

If you’d like to design playground equipment system choices around a specific theme or color scheme, we can help you accomplish that as well. We’ll work with you to make sure your vision comes to life and fits your spatial dimensions and budget.

Custom Design FAQs

What products can I customize?

Parkreation specializes in custom playgrounds, shelters, arbors, bandshells, sail shades, and safety surfacing graphics. Nearly all of our manufacturers can create custom products that fit your needs. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

Does custom design cost extra?

Parkreation collaborates on custom design projects at no additional cost to you. We are happy to provide concept renderings, visual presentations, and preliminary pricing on custom projects. Custom manufactured products will typically cost more than our standard offers.

What do you need to create a custom design?

All we need is a good idea to get started! Custom design typically goes through several revisions before reaching the final product. Providing concept images or references to similar projects will help us get started on the right foot. Clarifying the expectations and budget is also an important step towards bringing the project to life.

How long does custom design take?

The custom design process can vary greatly depending on the scale and complexity of the project. There are often several rounds of revisions to the preliminary design that will affect the project’s timeline. If possible, we like to start with standard parts or previous custom designs we have completed and reimagine them. This often saves time and money compared to a completely unique item.

Can you really build a rocket ship?

Maybe our playground that is customized to look like a rocket ship won’t really take off to the moon, but it will to the children who play on it. Custom design sparks the imagination in us all. We want to create a truly unique experience for children and families in your community!

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