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Outdoor fitness equipment has become popular with adults, but is not often seen integrated with playgrounds. Children may have some recess time to let off some steam during the school day, but they are spending more and more of their time outside of the classroom in front of a screen. During the youth development phase, it is important for kids to get outside and be physically active so they can develop muscles and skills that are necessary for a healthy life. According to a study reported by the New York Times, only 63% of children age 11 were getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day that they should be. This lack of outdoor physical exercise does not only have negative effects on children’s physical health, but may begin to affect their emotional health and cognitive skills as well. Sitting in a desk or on the couch all day develops poor lifestyle habits than may inhibit a child from reaching their potential. We would like to see more outdoor fitness equipment for children installed in schools and public parks in Illinois and Indiana to provide opportunities to get kids active!

Our outdoor fitness equipment provider, TrekFit, are trying to solve the problem of children not getting enough physical activity with exciting and fun challenges. Learn more about TrekFit’s mission in the video below!

TrekFit specializes in elegantly designed, stationary outdoor fitness equipment that can be used by all ages and athletic skill levels. Check out one of their most exciting pieces of equipment, the Cargo Net, below! This outdoor fitness obstacle looks stunning, but also provides creative challenges for both children and adults to get active and exercise. See more of our offers on our TrekFit page here!