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Playground Safety Surfacing

The Fibar Group, LLC, has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of EWF playground surfaces in the U.S., with over 75,000 installations in North America.�

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is a popular option for playground safety surfacing that provides a natural look while also offering superior fall protection. Fibar EWF is made from 100% virgin wood fiber that are is engineered specifically for playground use, creating a soft and shock-absorbent surface that helps prevent injuries from falls. It is a cost-effective option that can be easily installed over existing surfaces or on new playgrounds.� It is a durable and long-lasting option, making it a great choice for parks and playgrounds of all sizes. With its affordable pricing, superior fall protection, and natural look, engineered wood fiber is an excellent option for playground safety surfacing.

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Fibar FAQs

What is Fibar engineered wood fiber made of?

Fibar engineered wood fiber is made from virgin wood that is chipped into a specific size and shape. The wood is then screened to remove any fines and processed to create a uniform, shock-absorbent surface that meets safety standards.

Is Fibar engineered wood fiber safe for children?

Yes, Fibar engineered wood fiber is a safe and tested product that meets ASTM and ADA guidelines for playground safety surfacing. It is designed to cushion falls and prevent serious injuries, making it a popular choice for playgrounds and other play areas.

How does Fibar engineered wood fiber compare to other types of playground surfacing?

Fibar engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for playground surfacing due to its superior shock-absorption and fall protection capabilities. It also offers a natural look that blends well with outdoor environments and is more cost-effective than many other surfacing options.

How long does Fibar engineered wood fiber last?

Fibar engineered wood fiber is a durable product that can last for many years with proper maintenance. It does require occasional raking and top-offs to maintain an even surface and adequate depth for fall protection.

Is Fibar engineered wood fiber environmentally friendly?

Yes, Fibar engineered wood fiber is an environmentally friendly product that is made from virgin wood that is harvested from sustainable forests. It is also biodegradable and can be reused or recycled at the end of its useful life.

Fibar Maintenance Tips

Visual Inspection

Look for debris-especially stones, broken glass or other foreign objects and remove them. Check to make sure that the level or depth of the Fibar� Engineered Wood Fiber surface doesn’t fall below the original design depth. The legs of the equipment should have been marked with a bold horizontal mark showing the design depth when originally installed. If they are not, take the time to mark the legs with an indelible marker at the original design depth, measuring from the bottom of the Fibar surface. This will allow you to readily see when Fibar needs to be redistributed or topped off to maintain proper original design depth.

If the equipment was not marked, or you choose not to mark it, the surface must be checked at a number of points using a long-handled screwdriver marked in inches to determine the actual depth. If the actual depth is below the original design depth, redistribution and/or top-off is needed. See the Raking section of our Maintenance Document, and top off if the depth of the Fibar is below the original design depth. Inspect the surface daily.

Regular Top-Offs

Experience has shown that installations typically require top-offs after three (3) years of use (on some playgrounds, maybe sooner). Top-Offs can sometimes be scheduled with other deliveries to minimize the freight cost.�See first tab, “Visual Inspection,” for more information.

We also offer�Top-Off deliveries that are installed by one of our Express Blower Trucks – We call it FibarQuick.

Raking the Surface

Wear areas, such as under swings or at slide endings, should be raked level and maintained at the original design depth as measured from the bottom of the Fibar surfacing enclosure to the top of the Fibar surface. See Tab 1, Visual Inspection, regarding the use of the marks on the legs of the equipment to readily determine the relationship between the actual depth and the original design depth. When a Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber installation is close enough to a sand pit that sand gets tracked into the Fibar surface, this could adversely change the impact attenuation characteristics of the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber.


Check the performance of the drain system by ensuring that water is flowing from a drain system outflow pipe immediately after rain.� Also, make sure there is no standing water on the playground surface.� It is important to have a functioning drainage system to improve Fibar�s life expectancy and the resilience of the surfacing.

Conditions could occur that might cause weed growth. You can remedy this situation by use of a safe weed killer (call your local Cooperative Extensions office for recommendation) or pull out weeds by hand.

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