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Outdoor Musical Instruments

Freenotes Harmony Park instruments were originally developed by Grammy Award-winning musician Richard Cooke in 1995.

The idea came as a solution to the impediments of learning to play a traditional instrument and needing to read music. Cooke’s experience of learning to play the flute in an improvisational style without taking any lessons or reading music was so profound, he wanted to teach others how they might experience this freedom of playing music instinctively. So many barriers of time, cost and talent were in the way of public exposure to music that he decided to create outdoor instruments that sounded so beautiful that everyone who started to play wouldn’t want to stop.

Freenotes Harmony Park is passionate about uniting communities and cultures with authentic handcrafted, perfectly tuned sound sculptures that provide scalable fun, aesthetic elegance, and multi-generational sensory experiences.

The mission of Freenotes Harmony Park is to build the finest quality outdoor musical instruments on the market. We guarantee that our instruments are durable, sustainable, always perfectly tuned and accessible to everyone regardless of age or musical experience. We provide excellent customer service and are launching a Global Musical Park Movement by creating musical parks in communities everywhere.

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Introduce a musical garden to parks, schools and communities. Start here by choosing from a variety of instrument types – Bells, Metallophones, Drums, Marimbas, and Chimes to find your perfect harmony!

Even just one instrument in an outdoor area provides an opportunity for creativity and education about the wonders of music.

Square Rectangles - Shade Systems


Hexagons and Octagons - Shade Systems


Mega Spans - Shade Systems


Tornado - Shade Systems

Contrabass Chimes

Square Rectangles - Shade Systems


Hexagons and Octagons - Shade Systems


Mega Spans - Shade Systems


Tornado - Shade Systems


Square Rectangles - Shade Systems

Pagoda Bells

Hexagons and Octagons - Shade Systems


Mega Spans - Shade Systems

Tenor Tree

Tornado - Shade Systems

Tuned Drums


Creating outdoor musical ensembles invite community members to participate in making music, adds an artistic, sculptural quality to outdoor spaces, and offers cost savings over the purchase of individual instruments.

All ages can collaborate to create beautiful music together.

Square Rectangles - Shade Systems

Starter Ensemble

The Starter Ensemble offers robust options that are both harmonious and low budget. Featuring the Duet, Yantzee, and Tuned Drums, this collection is a great way to introduce outdoor music to your community.

Hexagons and Octagons - Shade Systems

Weenotes Ensemble

Weenotes is among our most popular collections and is designed to pack a lot of play in a smaller footprint. The instruments in this ensemble have fewer keys, but the same high-quality sound as our larger instruments. 

Mega Spans - Shade Systems

Garden Bed Ensemble

For smaller, compact spaces, the Garden Bed Ensemble offers a colorful melodic collection of Flowers, Butterflies, and the Tenor Tree that emit bright, sustaining notes from their petals, wings, and aluminum leaves.

Tornado - Shade Systems

Sculptural Ensemble

The Sculptural Ensemble adds artistic flair to any outdoor space. In this beautiful grouping of chimes, bells, metallophones, and cymbals, each instrument features stylish steel posts that add to their sophisticated looks. 

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