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The new year brings brand new products to our lineup of Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems! Each year, our designers pull inspiration from kids’ imaginations and create new ways to play. 2019 is no different, bringing two unique new product lines to explore!

First up is PlayStax, a bold reimagining of traditional outdoor play equipment. Inspired by the make-shift forts and crafty clubhouses that kids make on their own, PlayStax brings the unpredictable and unbelievable together for new patterns of play. A single PlayStax unit can connect to our other Little Tikes Commercial products to provide a variety of traversal methods, or a tower of up to three PlayStax units can be stacked for the ultimate vertical adventure. Inside are up to six different “rooms”, such as a kitchen or an observatory, to spark social interaction and creativity. Mesh enclosures ensure that caregivers have lines of sight from outside the equipment, while allowing children to look out at the world as they climb higher.

Next up is Ancient Wonders, which brings the excitement of a jungle expedition to the playground! These massive “stone” structures are made of durable Polyfibercrete© and sealed with an acrylic coating to prevent vandalism. Also, beware of the giant snake that slithers beneath the surface, which provides a daring balance feature for the bravest of children. Ancient Wonders inspires the adventurous side in all of us!

Both PlayStax and Ancient Wonders equipment are now available for your next project! Please contact us to get the fun started!